How To Build a Simple Aquaponics System for under $200

Building a simple aquaponics system.

In this post I will explain how to build a simple Aquaponic system for under $200 that you can use anywhere in your house.

This system is a great small aquaponics system that can be easily placed in a cupboard,bathroom etc.

I have found this type of aquaponics system will give you fantastic results and will be quicker than other hydroponic methods.

This simple aquaponics system is great for beginners or someone just wanting to produce enough for themselves to enjoy

So firstly make sure you choose where you will place the system as you want a room that will stay around 23-26 degrees.


I would look at choosing a light from a reputable lighting manufacturer for around the $100 mark in which AusGrowLights supplies the

Mars Hydro TS600 for $107 or the Spider Farmer SF300 for $102 or a bit more expensive a Spider Farmer SF600 for $140 which will take you a little bit over your budget. These lights are reliable and have the correct spectrum for a fantastic yield and healthy plants.

Ok now we have our LED lighting sorted now to make the system.

We need a water pump to put the water through the simple aquaponics system we found this water pump for $24 on Ebay not bad hey and this pump has now lasted over 2 years with no problems. Make sure water pump power is not too high power as as you don;t need a great deal of power 2500L P/H should be suitable.

Now lets check the budget

Still On Target thats great.


You can go out and purchase your Tubing from your local hydroponics shop which will charge you probably around the $40 mark or you can shop smart and purchase your tubing from your local Hardware store for around $15 or even smarter purchase a garden hose from your local cheap shop for around $5 to $10 which will do the better than most others as garden hoses are normally pretty resilient to uv rays and will last longer.

What ever tubing you choose just make sure it is not clear or mold will grow in the tubing always use black or similiar to avoid this.


So for the water Reservoir you need to hold around 10-15 L and you want the tank to be fairly flat not too high.

We solved this problem at our local cheap shop we bought a cat litter tray which hold around 15 L of water and is not too high perfect and the price is only $5 lol.

Now lets check the budget

  • Mars Hydro TS600 $107
  • Water Pump 2500L P/H $24
  • Tubing pipes $$8
  • Water reservoir $5
  • Total $144


So we find using you simple hose connections works a treat and makes life easy connecting and disconnecting your simple aquaponics system.

As you can see in the photo we only used a splitter connection which make the two connections for us to use and we can also change the pressure in the lines so our system will work correctly. Then we require two hose connection for the splitter to connect the outgoing tubes.

We have used a splitter so we can have one tube going into our plant and the other one to help keep our nutrients mixed in the reservoir, you only need two connects as the other ends of the tube will be plugged into our watering system on the plant and the other will just sit in the reservoir.

So now where to purchase these at the best prices because we don’t want to blow the budget. I would check out your local cheap shops for the connection and you will get all for under $10 but you will need to think what will happen if one of the connections fails. Not fun cleaning up nutrients so maybe your local hardware store might be the preferred choice as you will obtain quality connections but for a price slightly more expensive, Our connections have been purchased for $18. Splitter $10 2x hose connections $8.


So for the setup of your simple aquaponics system stands and light rack you have many options because it is a simple setup you require.

We suggest for this you make a simple wooden base because wood to purchase is relatively cheap and very easy to work with. Cost $10.

For the light stand you can purchase pvc piping and connections from your local hardware store in which would cost you all up with connections around the $17 mark. Very easy to make and purchase and easy to take apart to store or move.


This is the easiest part of the setup and the cheapest because we only need 2 pot saucers 1 large and 1 small. and we will use a small piece of the hose as a drainage tube.

So what you will need to do is drill a hole large enough to squeeze the hose in and you want the hose to be just about flush with the bottom of the larger saucer.

Now drill holes all around the small saucer as we will be placing the small saucer over the hole we drilled in the large saucer, this is because we will sit the pot on top of the small saucer making a small reservoir to drain into the large reservoir.

Cost of setting up your drainage system is around $5 for the 2 saucers.


So now we are looking for a even distribution for the water and you have 3 option for this.

  • Make a round tube by using a connector to connect the two ends of the tubing and a third to connect the water supply. $4
  • Free Flow Feed Ring $5-10
  • Hydro Halo feed Ring $15-20

Because I like to keep it simple I would suggest purchasing a free flow feed ring to keep cost down but the Hydro Halo Rings are awsome but more on cost.


Now all you need to do is put everything together and your away.

PS. I suggest to use as your medium Clay balls which is $20 for a large bag or lave rocks from your local hardware store for around $12 because this is the best way.

Total Cost For a Simple Aquaponics System

  • Mars Hydro TS600 $107
  • Water Pump 2500L P/H $24
  • Tubing pipes $8
  • Water reservoir $5
  • Connections $18
  • Stand and Rack $27
  • Drainage $5
  • Pot Setup $5
  • So total Cost of Simple Aquaponics System Is $199.

How awsome is this I hope to see you start your growing soon you won’t be disappointed

If you need seed I would use a trusted seed site because we need quality follow this link,

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