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Grow Room CO2: How to Set Up a Tank & Regulator System

How To Set Up A Tank And Regulator System For Grow Room CO2

What You’ll Need

To grow marijuana with CO2, you’ll need the following items:

-CO2 tank and regulator system -grow room with exhaust fan and sealed light fixtures -grow tent or grow box with carbon filter and intake fan -grow lights -seeding tray or soil mixture for planting seedlings -grow pots for plant growing in the grow room

Setting Up the Tank
co2 tank

Setting up the CO2 tank is important, but it also needs to be maintained in order to keep the air fresh. The more you set up and maintain a system, the easier it will be as time goes on. All you need is some PVC pipes, fittings, connectors, and an adapter for your regulator. You can find all of these materials at your local hardware store.

Installing the Regulator

CO2 is one of the best ways for growing marijuana and can be an essential part of your hydroponic grow room setup. In order to get set up, you’ll need a tank, regulator and tubing. It’s always best to consult with the manufacturer of your equipment on how much gas you’ll need and what size tank is appropriate for your grow area. This will make sure that you have enough gas for optimal growth. Once you know this information, it’s time to install your co2 regulator on the tank. The regulator should be installed high enough so that there is at least four inches between it and any plant or object in the area where it will be used. Make sure all fittings are tight and sealed, you can spray soap on fitting and if you can see bubbles it has a leak.

Maintaining Your System
co2 system diagram
Maintaining your co2 grow system is important. Not only will it help you regulate the co2 levels in your grow room, but it also helps keep any potential safety issues at bay. The following are some of the most important things to remember when maintaining your co2 grow system.
Tank is in date for safety checks, all seals are tight no leaks hoses and pipes have no holes and are not too old.
Great explanation video for installing CO2 in your grow room
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