Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Light+2’x4′(60x120cm) Indoor Complete Grow Tent Kits

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Mars Hydro SP 3000 Kit provides all you require to create a private and efficient indoor grow room, avoiding the hassle of choosing the best grow tents, LED grow lights, inline fan, carbon filter, duct tube, timer, grow bags, plant nets, and hygrometer.

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Kit

  • 【 High-Efficiency Grow Light】300w with 960 pcs Samsung and Osram chips. Full-spectrum led grow lamp, ideal for all growth stages, perfect for 3×5′ veg footprint, 2’x4′ bloom footprint
  • 【Durable Growing Tent】Constructed with high-quality 1680D canvas, heavy-duty zippers, and double-stitched, which can perfectly lock light inside and tear-proof. Hydroponics grow tent is reinforced by the sturdy metal frame to ensure security and stability, bearing 110lb/50kg.
  • 【Effective & Quiet Ventilation Kit】Excellent smell control, 4″ Inline duct fan is rated for max 200CFM. With 3 settings of fan speed controller, noise min to 25dB. Filter with built-in Australian virgin charcoal granules which enables to absorb exponentially more contaminants and allergens than traditional carbon.

Mars Hydro SP 3000 Kit

3 reviews for Mars Hydro SP 3000 LED Grow Light+2’x4′(60x120cm) Indoor Complete Grow Tent Kits

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    I’m purchasing another one as soon as I get the money. That should tell you what I think about it

  2. Dominic (verified owner)

    Love this shop always quality.

  3. Leo (verified owner)

    I’ve been running this for a while now and still runs as new. i must say i love it.. Build on all of it and quality is above all, professional quality for half the price. Aus grow lights have all the equipment that you will need.

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